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ZeroGravity Suspended Radiation Protection.

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Zero Weight X-ray Protective Clothing/X-ray Protection/X-ray Protective Aprons This is Charles Wang from Beijing Huaren HSTD,a professional x-ray protective ...

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increased radiation protection • Eliminates the need for a standard lead apron • A suspended frame provides total support to the Zero Gravity Apron, and Face & Head shield, freeing

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X-ray tube housings contain lead as shielding, and they are designed to emit no more than 100 mR (870 Gy or approximately 1 mGy) in 1 hour at a distance of 1 m, when the x-ray tube is operating at a specified high kilovoltage and low milliamperage (, 13). Frequently, with certain overhead x-ray tube C-arm geometries, personnel are standing for long periods of time closer than 1 m from the x-ray tube.

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The portfolio of Kiran is made from proprietary materials, each designed for specialized purposes. Apart from a manufacturer of X-ray Cassette, Kiran also produces Radiation Protection Accessories such as Radiation protection Aprons, Shields and Skirt Vest, Disposable Radiation Protection Gloves.

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XENOLITE aprons are the lightest-weight x-ray aprons offering full protection on the market. We offer several grades of core protection materials and have three standard levels of protection (0.5mm, 0.35mm and 0.25mm).