Zero Gravity Lead Apron

ZeroGravity: Suspended Radiation Protection

ZeroGravity Suspended Radiation Protection.

How-to: Draping the ZeroGravity Body Shield

How to drape the ZeroGravity suspended radiation protection system.

Imaging One LLC - Zero Gravity

The Zero-Gravity Radiation Protection System, developed by CFI Medical, is a cutting edge radiation protection device that is superior to conventional lead aprons and their equivalents.

Redefining Radiation Protection - ImagingOneLLC

• Zero Gravity Lead Apron provides 1.0 mm lead equivalence, TWICE that of a standard lead apron ... Unlike traditional radiation protection options, ...

BIOTRONIK Distributes Zero-Gravity Weightless Radiation ...

Zero-Gravity is a suspended lead body shield which provides optimal, weightless radiation protection without impeding the physician’s freedom of movement. Radiation exposure, along with the physical strain of wearing heavy lead aprons for radiation protection, is a professional risk that physicians who work with fluoroscopy have long endured.

Beware the “Lightweight Lead Apron” – Views from an ...

Beware the “Lightweight Lead Apron” Posted on March 1, 2016 November 21, 2016 by Chet R. Rees, MD Author’s note: This current discussion is intended to be relatively detailed with more specific citation support, and refers to the other link for practical recommendations.