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X-Ray Hand-Guard Gloves, 0.5mm Pb, Pair

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  • Lead dipped vinyl with navy vinyl covering
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X-ray Protective, Radiation Safety Leaded Gloves for X-Ray MRI CT Radiation Protection 0.35mmpb

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  • 1. radioactive workplace: X ray and gamma ray radiation device: X ray machine (DR), X ray CT, X ray image device (DSA), X-ray, X-ray, tomography, dental, Department of orthopedics, X - ray and CT protection;
  • 2. interventional radiology: cardiovascular angiography, radiation particle implantation protection, simulator, after installation, linear accelerator, X knife, gamma knife and other computer room protection;
  • 3. radiation equipment: radiation source, source device and ray device, industrial radiographic flaw detector, gamma ray flaw detector, non sealed radioactive source, X ray diffractometer, nuclear facilities and irradiation facilities and other large facilities;
  • 4. underground non uranium mines: miners such as coal mines, non-ferrous metal mines, iron ore and tin mines are protected by radiation from high levels of radon and their progeny.
  • 5. other: in vitro lithotripsy, bone mineral density measurement, X ray diffractometer protection, etc..

do radiation protection gloves actually protect you in a primary x-ray (85kV, 100mAs) beam?!

in this experiment, i am testing the shielding capability of both a light bismuth glove as well as a heavy lead glove as compared to no protection at all.

x-ray beam vs. tactical dosimeter / rad protection glove test - radiation sickness imminent. 😛

re-doing my "x-rays vs. dosimeter" experiment with a nice digital tactical dosimeter. =) i'm comparing the shielding capability of both thick lead gloves vs. thin ...

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Product Features Designed to hold one apron (but will accommodate more) and one pair of gloves

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Lead Gloves Radiation Protection Gloves X-ray Gloves

Lead X-Ray protection gloves in many styles. Our line of Lead and non lead Radiation Attenuating gloves provide protection from harmful X-rays and radiation.

Lead Gloves for X-ray protection by Infab

Infab Lead gloves are the most effective defense against radiation exposure during fluoroscopy, cardiac cath lab and electrophysiology lab procedures.