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JUST LAUNCHED WAVERIDER Radiation shielding case for Samsung Galaxy S6

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as of March 30, 2019 7:09 am


  • SHIELDS HARMFUL EMF RADIATION from your HEAD and BODY. Don't be fooled by EMF pendants or stickers that claim to harmonize or neutralize EMF radiation without any scientific proof. Our phone cases use universally-accepted and scientifically verified principles to shield your body from EMF radiation, and are INDEPENDENTLY TESTED in the UK.
  • PROTECTS YOUR BANK CARDS from fraud. Waverider has two convenient slots inside the front cover for SAFE STORAGE of BANK CARDS RFID Shielded
  • PROTECTS your PHONE BODY and SCREEN from damage. Perfect fit for your Samsung Galaxy S6, it provides gaps for a headset, charging cable and camera lens and has two slots for credit cards.
  • The front of WAVERIDER contains our unique shielding system allowing you to receive less radiation when talking without affecting call quality. SAFER COMMUNICATION without compromise
  • The only case on the market PROVEN TO SHIELD the harmful near magnetic field

Wave Rider

as of March 30, 2019 7:09 am


  • Protects from radiation, making the noise field
  • Wave rider electromagnetic damping ability what about you 9 meters. Environment of artificial electromagnetic waves is possible to suppress the effects of electromagnetic radiation of computer and cell phone study, bedroom, also put you have in the living room of the home for the outgoing wave can penetrate walls, and would have detrimental impact on the body, Natural changes to the body-friendly environment.
  • Only press the operating switch.(Effect area is from 9 meters in)Just press the button at the top of the wave rider.When your running lights, blue lights.-To switch off the Office, use our products efficiently. Replaced with 17500 times (? 12 hours April last in use)

How to operate Waverider

Ty Bollinger Interviewt Dr Igor Smirnov over elektromagnetische straling en de WaveRider

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