Symptoms of Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Symptoms of Phantom Vibration Syndrome – Most sufferers of PVS (Phantom Vibration Symptom) exhibit some globally common symptoms and the most commonly reported is the feeling of a vibration indicating the phone ringing when it is not but other symptoms can include:

  •  The sensation that their mobile device or phone is vibrating or ringing signalling an incoming phone call or text alert notice when there device or phone is neither ringing nor has received any direct incoming trigger signal
  •  Reaching for a phone or device in a pocket thinking it is ringing or vibrating when it is not.
  •  Frequently feeling a direct tactile sensation that automatically makes them check their phone or device as they are convinced there is an action required of them; (ie: someone is calling, an important voicemail has been inputted, a text message has been acknowledged by their device and an alert issued) as they have physically sensed a vibration on their body.
  • Auditory hallucinations can occur along, with the phantom vibration sensation, and ring tones or sound alerts are imagined to be heard by the sufferer who not only believes they feel their phone vibrating but also believe they hear their phone ringing when it is not.
  • A phantom vibration in the leg where the phone or device is usually kept while the user is out doors. Many people who carry their iPhone or device in the pocket of their jeans or shorts will feel the false signal trigger in the spot where the phone usually rests closest to the skin of the user. People who carry the phones in their shirt pockets or in jacket pockets will also report feeling their device signalling them and will attempt to confirm this but find the device is not receiving any message or call.
  •  Scrambling in a sort of frenzied way to dig out a device or iPhone that seems to be ringing or vibrating from a pocket or bag close to the user.
  •  Drivers become quite animated while trying to intercept what their brain says is an important incoming communication, becoming distracted while digging in their pockets, or inside a bag, to retrieve the iPhone or mobile device which in fact is not even ringing.
  •  Feeling the phone vibrating in your pocket when in fact the device is not actually on your person. Often the phone is not in the same room yet the user will experience a buzzing, tingling, or vibration in their leg.
  • Hearing your phone ring when it is not ringing.
  •  Reaching for your phone and finding it is not where you think it is.
  •  Checking your phone several times a day for no reason.
  •  Feeling a vibration in your inner leg or in your lap when your phone is off.
  •  Feeling anxiety, sometimes call ‘ringxiety” that your phone is ringing when it isn’t ringing which can also be combined with checking their electronic device more and more frequently to quench an anxiety similar to how a drug dependant individual seeks out additional dosages to maintain functioning.
  • Compulsive behaviour that gravitates around the phone and the alerts and ringing and sounds that are imagined to be taking place
  • Sleep disrupted by the apparent vibrating or ringing of a phone or electronic device that is left on the bed while sufferer is asleep or on a bedside table. The sufferer will awake and reach for the phone as they felt or heard it riming or felt the apparent tactile vibrating reaction on their skin. This often results in a subject rummaging through their covers to find the buried phone and then turning it on but when finding that there was no actual call or text they will turn on the phone anyway and begin using the device.

Generally – Most sufferers often start their research into this phenomenon when they ask themselves “Why do I feel my phone vibrate when it doesn’t” and they begin to delve deeper into one of the more recent and complex manifestations of the effects of technology and the wired world has on our physical, emotional and genetic well being.

It is common to find groups of people or individuals who mock people who admit to being bothered by PVS and the assorted physical and emotional conditions that it initiates. People will say it is a ‘first world problem’ that is nothing more than people being addicted to their phones; they want to discredit any evidence that PVS is a manifestation of a warning by our physiology that there is something wrong in our environment and is linked to the use of the wireless energies and electromagnetic waves that are received and emitted by our phones.

When there is an excess of particulate matter or a gaseous chemical in our atmosphere our body reacts by sending signals to the body that include coughing and choking and a fight or flight reflex that warns of an imminent danger. Our platform is that PVS is the same: our body, an extremely complex and sensitive organism is sending a warning signal to us that something is happening to the biology of the person that is causing the reaction. Because the Wi-Fi signals and portable smart phones are relatively new devices our bodies are initiated a very basic reaction much the same as feeling an itch will cause your body to scratch and relief the itch. PVS is creating a signal in the brain that there is something upsetting the ease of the body; there is a dis-ease of the physiology.

Substances that cause disease or genetic mutation or alter the cerebral functioning of humans can be easier to diagnose since to a chemical substance or concrete cell structure of absolute matter can be detected; once asbestos is found in the lungs, for example, the correlation between a lung cancer can be created but with electromagnetic energies and phones which emit and receive energies that are invisible it is harder to issue conclusive proof and as we are more comfortable with conclusive proof it is easier for people to deny the existence or to discount any perceived warnings that we feel PVS is issuing.

Please leave comments below or join our forum to network with others who suffer from PVS and who wish to discuss ways to help reverse the effects and to look for solutions for the world that is wrapped in a thickening ball of electronic fields and digital wave fields.

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