Smartphones Cause Cancer

Insten Dual Mic/Audio Stereo Jack Splitter 2 Plug Male to 3.5mm Female Smartphone Headset to PC Adapter, 8 Inch

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  • Use the same headset for both PC computer and phone with this adapter.
  • Length: 8 inches/ 20 cm. Nickel plated. 518.
  • Connector A: Dual 3.5mm Male. Connector B: 3.5mm Female.
  • With this adapter you no longer need 2 separate headsets for PC and phone.

Airthings Wave Smart Radon Detector with free app, battery operated, no lab fees, easy to use

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  • Radon is the leading cause of Lung cancer among non smokers and is found in every home
  • Radon gas fluctuates daily and needs constant monitoring to minimize the health effects
  • AirThings wave provides detailed information about radon, temperature and humidity on your smartphone or tablet
  • Use the free app or wave in front of the detector for Color coded notifications. Battery life - Estimated battery life: 1.5 years of monitoring
  • Receive notifications for air quality, data updates and low battery power

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Blue light from smartphones may increase risk of cancer

The blue light which comes from smartphones, tablets and street lights (stock image) may help to cause cancer. People exposed to high levels of blue light at night have double the risk of prostate cancer.