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Invisible Impact: The Risk of Ionizing Radiation on Cath Lab Staff

This video tells the story of one of the world's most prominent cardiovascular surgeons, Dr. Edward Diethrich, and the career-altering health issues he has faced ...

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welcome to radpad® x-ray radiation protection shields, drapes and surgical caps RADPAD® is the only clinically-proven, non-lead, non-vinyl, lightweight and disposable shield . that can guarantee a 95% reduction in X-Ray scatter radiation.

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Sterile, disposable RADPAD® Radiation Protection Products are placed directly on the patient to protect the operator and cath lab personnel during fluoro-guided procedures from harmful scatter radiation.

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RADPAD X-Ray Scatter Radiation Protection . Quality products that are designed to provide medical personnel and patients with protection from the deadly and debilitating effects of radiation.

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RADPAD® – Radiation Protection Shields & Drapes RADPAD® Scatter Radiation Shields Protection during Vascular Surgery When people go through vascular surgery, scatter radiation occurs.