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Radiation Safety, Radiation Protection & Standards (Sharon A. Glaze) Sep. 18, 2015

Radiation Safety, Radiation Protection & Standards”. Speaker: Sharon A. Glaze, M.S., B.A., Associate Professor Emeritus - Radiology, Baylor College of ...

Radiation - University of Pittsburgh

Radiation Dr. Rasha Salama PhD Community Medicine Suez Canal University Egypt Direct Reading Survey Meters and Counters: Useful in identifying source of exposures recorded by personal dosimeters, and in evaluating potential sources, such as surface or sample contamination, source leakage, inadequate decontamination procedures, background radiation.

Preparing for an Unplanned Radiation Event

Title: Preparing for an Unplanned Radiation Event Author: Niel Wald, Michael Kuniak Last modified by: Eugene Created Date: 6/28/2002 2:41:45 PM Document presentation format

Radiation Protection | US EPA

EPA sets limits on environmental radiation from use of radioactive elements. The Radiation Protection website describes EPA's radiation protection activities, regulations and supporting information.

Radiation Studies - CDC: ALARA

Learn more about ALARA and radiation safety. Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).