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EarthPulse v5.3 Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy Device

as of May 12, 2023 12:41 pm


  • NEWEST VERSION! EarthPulse v5.3 with EMF reduced shielded cables! EarthPulse Version v5.3 Ships in 2 to 4 business days, 5 to 7 days arrival time from international location. The EarthPulse Sleep on Command pulsed electro-magnetic sleep system, performance enhancement and longevity system will improve your sleep, mental and physical endurance and have you feeling a decade or two younger in 90-days or your money back.
  • Price total is $699 + $49 international shipping fee. * This is an imported item. You may be charged a small import/customs fee by Fed Ex (approx $25.00). EarthPulse is unique! No other technology is based upon the naturally occurring earth-frequency of 9.6Hz or designed for regular nightly use, which is where the most regeneration happens.
  • EarthPulse Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy tunes each bio-system to maximum efficiency because mitochondria in the cells of those systems are working at peak efficiency and delaying cell death. Reduced inflammation is also one of the hallmarks of using the EarthPulse. EarthPulse offers access to the single most beneficially bio-active frequency in the world.
  • EarthPulse helps disengage over-active mind. Fall asleep faster, not waking as often, wake up with more flexibility, energy, strength, stamina and mental focus. Restorative sleep achieved using 1 of 4 SLEEP-MODE programs. Low amplitude inductor provides EMF protection, promotes sleep, cellular rejuvenation, longevity and performance enhancement.
  • IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION: 10% Restocking Fee will apply if a product return is requested with no prior tech-support. 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If our technology fails to enhance sleep and mental & physical performance within 90 days, you may return the EarthPulse for refund of purchase price.

Gigahertz Solutions EMF RF-Analyser meter HF58B RADAR-Crest-Optimized Pulsed and Un-Pulsed Radiation

as of May 12, 2023 12:41 pm


  • Frequency Range: 800 MHz - 2.7 GHz (3.3 GHz with increased tolerance)
  • Measurement Range: Power flux density: 0.01 - 19,990 µW/m²
  • Accuracy: Basic accuracy including linearity tolerance :+/- 4.5dB Zero offset/ rollover +/- 7 digits
  • Outputs: An AC- and a DC-output (AC: demodulated signal)
  • Weight: 3.79 g

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) uses electromagnetic fields in an attempt to heal non-union fractures and depression. By 2007 the FDA had cleared several such stimulation devices.

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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is effective because time-varying or pulsed electromagnetic fields create microcurrents in the body’s tissues. These microcurrents elicit specific biological responses depending on field parameters such as amplitude, frequency, and waveform.