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Dental Radiation Lead Apron with Collar and Hanging Loops - Lightweight - Adult

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  • .375mm Lead Equivalent
  • Lightweight Lead
  • Size: Adult - 24" x 25.5" from neck
  • Includes Hanging Loops by the collar for easy storage on Apron Hanger or Peg Racks
  • Single velcro collar closure makes this apron fast and easy to use

Thyroid Shield 25" ✮ .5mm Protection Collar ✮ Thyroid Collar Protection for Medical, Dental X-Ray and Mammography ✮ Black Rip Stop

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  • Thryoid Protection for medical, dental x-ray and mammography
  • One size fits most (up to 18" neck)
  • 0.50mm meets FDA ASTM protective standards
  • Light-weight
  • Lead-free

Importance of Lead Apron

Why do I need a lead apron when I get my teeth x-rayed? Shawneen Gonzalez, D.D.S., UNMC College of Dentistry.

X-ray Protective Lead Apron

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Lead Apron X-ray Protection by Infab

Lead and Lead-Free X-ray Radiation Protection Aprons. Find lightweight and protective lead and lead-free radiation protection aprons for all types of procedures. Choose an apron and customize with color, size and optional accessories. Our KIARMOR material is the only core material in the world currently certified to the IEC61331-1:2014 standards and the only lead-free core material to pass the stringent DIN standards.

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Lead Aprons Lead Aprons For Radiation Protection X-rays provide detailed images of muscles, bones, tissues, and other bodily masses, making it possible to detect fractures, tumors, and other conditions in need of treatment. Although their benefits far outweigh their risks, prolonged exposure to x-rays has been linked to an increased chance of developing various types of cancers. Lead x-ray aprons are often used to reduce exposure to both patients and personnel. lead aprons

Lead Apron – 0.5mm Lead (pb) Equivalency Protection For Working with X-Ray Machine with ROBUST HANGER - HealthGoodsInTM by HealthGoodsIn Currently unavailable

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