Protective EMF Shield Generator QWH3

The Tabletop Harmonizer is designed to fight stress, illness, and negative energies that occur from EMF pollution.

Live every day Stress-Free Without EMF Worries
– Improve your Health
– Increase your Quality of Life

This model is designed to be placed on a table, desk, or night-table. It can also be placed flat for locations like under your bed for night-time use. This model is not portable, and needs to be plugged in at all times to operate.

The Tabletop Harmonizer is perfect for people troubled by these conditions:

• Wake-up Daily with Low Energy
• Exposed to EMF pollution
• Hypersensitive and easily irritated
• Feel Run Down and Fatigued
• Have low immunity to environment
• Burned-out from Depression and Stress
• Feel like just want to run away and hide
• Have Problems sleeping & waking-up

EMF pollution can disrupt and conflict with your body natural frequency, degrade cellular structure of organs, weaken and subject your systems to breakdown, disease or illness.

Get up each day to
– Peace
– Happiness
– Harmony
– Joy
– Fully rested
– Great Energy

Stress will not have negative effects on you any longer. Depression and feeling burned-out will fade into the past.

This Tabletop Model QWH3 generates a field about 100 times stronger than the Personal Model QWP1.