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Taupe Grey Plush One Size Fits Most Women's Giving Shawl Wrap with Pockets

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  • Our sophisticated, cozy collection of endearing shawls is designed to gift whenever someone needs a hug. Give to a friend or loved one to let them know you're thinking about them and you care.
  • Crafted from sumptuously soft fabric designed for soothing comfort; Features two outer pockets to keep personal items close at hand; Inside pocket holds tissue, eyeglasses or cell phone
  • This incredibly comfortable taupe Giving Shawl includes a message of encouragement printed on a keepsake bookmark in the inside pocket.
  • Lightweight nylon blend, yet warm and cozy, this shawl measures 27 inches wide x 70 inches long; Soft texture and swaddling warmth will convey the special bond shared through friendship, prayer and caring
  • DEMDACO by Giving Shawl Collection is packaged beautifully packaged in a presentation box complete with satin ribon

Heal in Comfort Breast Cancer Mastectomy Drainage Pouch Holders One For Shower and One For The Rest of The Time

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  • With Breast Cancer after you've had a mastectomy you need something to manage your drains. Holding them or pinning them is not a solution. These medical drain carriers are your answer.
  • The KILI Medical Drain Carrier shower pouch is mesh and dries quickly. Waterproof for easy care.
  • The Dry Pouch has Two separate pouch areas. Drain pouch is soft so it won't irritate the skin
  • Dry pouch accommodates your surgical drains as well as you cell phone or TV changer
  • Dry Pouch measures 60" from tie end to tie end. The KILI Drain Carrier measures 90" end of tie to end of tie

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