Non Lead Aprons Radiation Protection

FixtureDisplays Set of 2 Pcs Lead Apron Hanger for X-Ray MRI Radiation Protection 15652

as of May 23, 2023 3:46 am


  • Lead Apron Hanger. Use at X-Ray, MRI, CT labs and hospitals.Non magnetic! Made with stainless steel hook. No assembly required!
  • Solid 12mm diameter aluminum bar, anodized to nice blue color Be sure to check out our lead apron mobile rack! Product Dimensions: 28"L x 2.9"H x 0.5"D; Weight:1.3 lbs
  • This listing is for 2 pcs. Shipping to Canada and Mexico: import duty and fees apply.

Full Radiation Protection Maternity half apron-Light weight, Non-lead Non-hazardous core material (1.0mm coverage)

as of May 23, 2023 3:46 am


  • *Lightest Material on the market
  • *Safe and non hazardous material
  • *1.0mm exceeds FDA ASTM protective standards
  • *Easily adjustable velcro closure to change as you need
  • *Usually ships within 4 business days

ZeroGravity: Suspended Radiation Protection

ZeroGravity Suspended Radiation Protection.

Non lead apron

radiation proof dress.

Lead vs. Lead-Free Radiation Protection Products

The National Center for Biotechnology also agrees that a non-lead shielding option “lessens the physical repercussions of long hours wearing unnecessarily heavy radiation protection garments.” In addition to the toll that lead aprons can have on the body, there is an environmental drawback to using these products.

Xenolite Non Lead Aprons - Universal Medical Inc.

Xenolite non-lead aprons are the lightest weight apron on the market today. They protect at a high level and do it at a fraction of the weight.


tered X rays, non-lead aprons provide sufficient pro-tection. Since non-lead aprons weigh less than lead aprons, non-lead aprons are more suitable in provid-ing radiation protection for physicians. FUNDING This work was supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (19591398) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Lead Vs Non-Lead Radiation Protection Apparel

While non-lead aprons are slightly more expensive than lead gowns, the benefits outweigh the additional cost. Back and shoulder injuries are prevalent among physicians and medical personnel required to wear radiation protection apparel on a daily basis.