Negative Emf

Generic Anti Radiation Shield EMF Neutralizer Negative Ions Energy Pendant Necklace Orgone Pendant

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  • MATERIAL: Lava and Tourmaline;Free adjustable Chain 24 Inches ;Comes with a Fashion Jewelry Gift Box.
  • EMF NEUTRALIZER: The generic anti radiation shield pendant generates Schumann resonance scalar energy waves of 7.83 Hz - a healing energy that helps negate the damaging effects of radiation and restore optimal balance to the body.
  • ANTI RADIATION SHIELD:The generic orgone pendant using a latest technology. Enhances the body's natural defenses against the damaging radiation coming from cellphones, WiFi routers and other household appliances.
  • GENERIC ORGONE PENDANT: The generic anti radiation shield pendant brings a decrease in your overall level of stress, due to the "Antidote waves" it provides. With every positive thought, you'll increase your positive energy and align with its protective power.
  • DURABLE WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Just by wearing or carrying this generic pendant in your pocket, you will slowly begin to feel the effects of its protective shield.

360 Round EMF Protection Tesla Technology: EMF Absorption From CELL PHONE, WiFi, Laptop-All EMF Devices|Negative Ion Generator| International AWARDS|Anti Radiation Shield, EMR Blocker Device 1.18 INCH

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  • ✅ Counteracts harmful effects of EMF / EMR radiation generated by laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, routers & more. Protect You and Your Family from EMF Radiation & Enjoy greater peace of mind!
  • ✅ Provides Broad Protective Shield: Designed for those who live or work in high EMF and wireless radiation environments. EMF Protection Cell Phone Radiation Protection Tesla Technology - Award Winning (Brussels 2006 & Geneva 2004). This technology has taken the better part of 15 years to develop and over 1.5 million dollars.
  • ✅ Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you're unhappy with our EMF blocker device, we'll provide a full refund. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues, we will do our best to help you.
  • ✅ Slim & Easy to Use: This shielding device is small and compact. Peel and stick to the back of your cell phone or to any other bad EMF emitting device.
  • ✅ Negative Ion Generator EMF Shield: Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression and relieve stress ✅ Therapeutic Design: Made of 16 semi-precious elements blended together with rare metals and special oxides with superior magnetic properties (Fibonacci Sequence technology) to support optimal health.

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