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Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset - 1 Unit - Reduces EMF Exposure - Compatible With Most Smartphones - Tablets - Electronic Devices - Includes 3.5mm Jack

as of May 12, 2023 12:29 pm


  • BLUE TUBE HEADSET - Helps Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Head - Effectively Reduces Your Exposure To EMFs - Hands Free - Superior Acoustic Quality
  • OFFERS EMF PROTECTION - Air-Filled Tubes Convey Sound Waves - Sound Chamber Hangs Freely Between Body and Cheek - Contains No Metal Components or Cables
  • ADVANCED ACOUSTIC TECH - With Dual Earbuds - Enhanced Speaker For Full Stereo Sound and Clear Communication - Designed To Reduce Feedback and Distortion
  • HANDS FREE and HASSLE FREE - Can Be Used Safely While Driving - Perfect For Home - Office - Gym - Comfortable With Tangle Free Cord - Cell Phone Accessories
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST ELECTRONIC DEVICES Can Be Used With Most Smartphones - Tablets - Electronic Devices - Includes 3.5mm Jack - Dr Mercola Products

Assurance Designed Red Grounding Wrist Strap 2 Pack. Use for Earth Connection & EMF Radiation Protection - Use for Desk, Floor, Bed, Pillow or Yoga

as of May 12, 2023 12:29 pm


  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION FROM STATIC ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS AT HOME: Unnatural electromagnetic radiation saturates the modern home and office. You can protect yourself from EMFs even while you're inside watching TV, using your phone, or at your computer using this affordable earthing strap.
  • PLUGS IN TO ANY HOME OUTLET: This creates a direct connection between your body and the earthing rod of your home. Connect to the natural energy fields of the earth without needing to walk barefoot outside.
  • ELEVATES MOOD, REDUCES FATIGUE, CALMS STRESS: Stray electromagnetic radiation can make it harder for your body to process cortisol, the stress hormone. This can cause insomnia and contribute to muscle inflammation. Grounding yourself can eliminate this source of chronic fatigue.

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Dr. Mercola's Blue Tube Headset delivers crystal clear stereo sound and effectively minimizes cell phone emissions with the RF3 Aircom 2 patented technology.

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