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HF-B3G Triple Axis HF RF Power Meter Analyzer and Detector Measuring EMF Radiation-Cell Phones-Smart Meters-Cell Towers-WiFi-Microwave-Blouetooth-Calibrated-Used for EMF Home Inspections-Free Support

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  • Reliable meter for measuring RF and HF Radiation from sources such as Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Smart meters, Wifi modems
  • Can be operated by both beginner and advanced users; beginners should measure µW/cm2, while advanced users can use V/m or µW/m2 as their unit of measurement
  • For an environment to be considered "safe", your readings should not exceed 0.003 µW/cm2 (or equivalent for a different unit)
  • Directional characteristic: Isotropic, triaxial.Measurement range selection: one continuous range.
  • Free technical support provided for every purchase; beginner's guide available for download in this listing

LATNEX MG-300 LF magnetic Field Meter, Measures EMF Radiation from High-Power Transmission Lines, Appliances, Electrical Wires - Used for EMF Home Inspectios

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  • Measures EMF Radiation from sources such as power lines, appliances, electrical wires, etc..
  • Reliable Gauss and EMF meter for measuring magnetic fields in milligauss or micro tesla units
  • Easy to operate, with accurate measurements, Includes user manual and 1 year warranty
  • Commonly used by home inspectors, inspecting safe living environments, whose clients are planning to purchase a new home.
  • Comes with a carrying case, black protection boot, and a certificate

Measuring Your Home for EMFs

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