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DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation Protection & Heat Shield by DefenderShield – EMF Blocker Lapdesk for designed for up to 17 Inch Laptop, Ultrabook, Chromebook, MacBook

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  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION FROM LAPTOP RADIATION -> The DefenderPad is the only laptop pad that uses multiple layers of shielding to block up to virtually 100% of laptop EMF radiation (RF & ELF) while also greatly reducing heat! Imitators only block a fraction of the 4 potential sources of EMF radiation that are being emitted from your laptop. The DefenderPad utilizes multiple layers of shielding to block ALL radiation sources at nearly 100% for maximum protection!
  • WORLDWIDE LEADER -> Industry-best, FCC certified lab-tested EMF radiation shield technology. The secret is our patent-pending, next-generation laptop EMF radiation-blocking technology is simply unmatched! And, we have the FCC-certified lab tests reports to prove it! Don't be fooled by lower quality knock-offs. Ask to see the radiation-blocking test results for the full EMF spectrum.
  • BESTSELLING LAPTOP HEAT SHIELD -> Anti-slip thermal-resistive laptop pad surface and multiple layers of built-in shielding work in unison to block heat from your laptop. This, along being super slim, lightweight and easily portable make DefenderPad the perfect all around laptop lap desk. Fits up to 17 inch laptops including Mac and PC.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA -> We do not have our EMF shields shipped in from China or other countries! DefenderShield is a family owned and operated company who makes our antiradiation products 100% in the USA. When you purchase a DefenderShield anti-radiation product, you help to support the US economy. DefenderShield - The Worldwide Leader in EMF Protection and Shielding!
  • FIRST CLASS SERVICE -> We stand behind our products and offer a 100% Satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to Amazon within 30 days for a full money back refund. We also offer a 1 year, 100% warranty for any issues. Please contact us if you ever have questions or concerns. DefenderShield is here to help!

Electromagnetic Radiation EMR EMF Protection Wifishield Can Help Reduce Headaches Fatigue from All Wifi Equipment such as a Laptop, Router, Tablet, Baby Monitor, Printer

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  • For all electronic wifi devices - Apple, iPad, Macbook, Samsung, Microsoft, laptop, computer, tablet, router, baby monitor, smart meter, TV, digital radio, plus microwave oven, cordless telephone base station (DECT) and any large electronic devices.
  • Priority to protect babies and children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed
  • Scientifically tested and approved - natural quartz crystals reduce the negative biological effects of low level radiation on our bodies.
  • Protection against headaches, memory loss, fatigue, loss of concentration and more serious conditions from long term exposure to EMF radiation.
  • Size: 1.1in diameter 0.16in thick. Can be stuck to device or be carried in handbag or pocket.

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jeromy, great list! i want to add two computers to the “low emf” computer list. 1. asus eee pc 1005 series 1005HA (it’s a netbook). works well for little tasks like word processing. not so great if you need to have multiple applications open at once.

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