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Specification for lead bricks for radiation shielding: [metric units] (BS 4513)

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TitleSpecification for lead bricks for radiation shielding: [metric units] (BS 4513)

Interlocking Lead Bricks for Radiation Shielding

Interlocking lead bricks are used in radiation shielding applications to provide protection from radiation. The bricks are easy to erect and assemble. Medi-RayTM ...

Medi Ray™ - Forms of Lead for Radiation Shielding

The various forms of lead like lead sheets, lead plates, lead bricks, lead containers, lead glass, lead wool that are used for radiation shielding are manufactured ...

Lead Bricks | Radiation Shielding | Lead Shielding Bricks

Lead Brick Applications. Lead bricks are typically used in nuclear and radiation therapy applications. However, lead bricks can also be used for radioactive isotope creation, ballast weights and counterbalances. RPP's interlocking lead bricks are available in a variety of sizes to suit differing shielding and weight requirements.

Lead Bricks | Lead Brick Shielding | MarShield Custom ...

Lead bricks are ideal for adding additional shielding to existing rooms and can be used in new construction as a method to reduce wall or ceiling thickness to achieve space savings. Cast from 99.94% minimum pure virgin high quality lead our bricks are ideal where maximum protection is required from X-Ray and Gamma Ray radiation.

Lead Bricks Manufacturers for Radiation Shielding

Lead is an important material because of its property to radiate the harmful radiation, thus acting as a shield in place of Nuclear works and X-ray regions. Lead Bricks are basically the rectangular bricks with inter-locking capability.

Lead shielding for radiation, lead bricks shielding

The range of products used in radiation shielding includes partitions and walls, doors, mobile screens and structures, lead bricks, windows and window frames, and more. Lead is one example of a predominantly used material for radiation shielding, but other metals such as cadmium also offer unique properties and applications.