Lead Blocks Radiation

Co-link Cell Phone Anti-tracking Anti-spying GPS Rfid Signal Blocker Pouch Case Bag Handset Function Bag (Black)

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  • High quality and perfect design, can be used as a wallet at the same time
  • Prevent people from being tracked with this bag, protect your privacy
  • If you don't want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the bag, then the phone will tell "calls can not be connected."
  • Put magnetism card such as ID card, bank cards into the bag, it can aviod magnetism lost and information leaking
  • Anti-radiation, anti-degaussing, anti-signal. Be sure to put the phone in the back pocket, not the front one, shut the bag closely,then the signal will be blocked

SYB Phone Pouch, Cell Phone EMF Protection Holster Sleeve for Phones up to 3.25" Wide with Belt Hoop (Black, Extra Large)

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  • POWERFUL CELL PHONE RADIATION PROTECTION: Reduces your exposure to cellular phone radiation by up to 99%, to shield your body and reproductive organs from harmful wireless EMF / EMR. Stylish, well-constructed neoprene with high quality stitching. The belt hoop has a thin profile, so you can either holster the pouch on your belt, or put it in your pocket.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Open-top design makes it easy to slide phone in and out of the sleeve, and you can still connect your charger and headset. Pouch is 7" x 4.25" and comfortably fits phones/cases up to 3.25" wide, and belts up to 3" wide (fits almost every phone, including the Apple iPhone 7+ & Google Pixel XL). Want a smaller Pouch? Check out the SYB Phone Pouch for phones up to 2.75".
  • SHIELDS BUT DOESN'T INTERFERE: Our patent pending anti-radiation technology protects from wireless electromagnetic radiation on one side only so you can shield your body from harmful EMF without interfering with phone reception, function or battery life.
  • TEST FOR YOURSELF: Use a power density meter (not a gauss meter, tesla meter or electrosmog meter) to measure the shielding effectiveness of our Phone Pouch, which blocks up to 99% of radio frequency (RF) & microwave (MW) EMF radiation emitted by your mobile phone. We'll email you an ebook explaining how to test our Phone Pouch for yourself.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Comes with a lifetime warranty. Don't be fooled by EMF products like pendants, stickers or charms that claim to harmonize or neutralize EMF radiation without any scientific proof. Our Phone Pouch uses universally-accepted and scientifically verified principles to shield your body from EMF radiation. The rear of each Pouch is lined with a super fine mesh of metallic fibers that forms a shield to block EMF radiation.

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