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FixtureDisplays Clear-Lead Lead Acrylic Mobile X-Ray Barriers 15678!

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  • FixtureDisplays Clear-Lead Lead Acrylic Mobile X-Ray Barriers. FixtureDisplays Clear-Lead Shield Lead Acrylic Mobile X-Ray Barriers. This Lead Shield offers great protection for torso and shoulders for X-Ray, MRI and CT Radiation.
  • Overall Dimmension is 31.5" width, 72.4" height and 28.4" depth. Lead glass is 31.5" width and 23.6" height. Lead glass thickness: 1.2cm. Product weight 140 lbs.
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Brampton Lead Tape for Golf Clubs – Applied to the Clubhead to adjust swing weight, feel and ball flight, ½ x 100

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  • IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING: Both amateurs and PGA pros use lead golf tape to alter golf club weight and balance to fine-tune their golf clubs.
  • 1/2 INCH WIDE, .005 MIL THICKNESS: Apply this thin lead foil tape in layers to get the right weight and balance for all your golf clubs.
  • NO NEED TO BUY NEW GOLF CLUBS: If you love how your golf clubs look but don't like the weight and feel, you can avoid having to buy new ones.
  • PLACE TAPE ON CLUBHEAD: You can put the tape on the clubhead to alter the balance of the club. Apply to toe to fade or apply to heel to draw
  • EASILY APPLIED AND REMOVED: The acrylic adhesive on the back of this lead tape adheres to all surfaces on your golf club quickly.

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