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Electromagnetic Radiation EMR EMF Protection Wifishield Can Help Reduce Headaches Fatigue from All Wifi Equipment such as a Laptop, Router, Tablet, Baby Monitor, Printer

as of May 12, 2023 12:55 pm


  • For all electronic wifi devices - Apple, iPad, Macbook, Samsung, Microsoft, laptop, computer, tablet, router, baby monitor, smart meter, TV, digital radio, plus microwave oven, cordless telephone base station (DECT) and any large electronic devices.
  • Priority to protect babies and children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed
  • Scientifically tested and approved - natural quartz crystals reduce the negative biological effects of low level radiation on our bodies.
  • Protection against headaches, memory loss, fatigue, loss of concentration and more serious conditions from long term exposure to EMF radiation.
  • Size: 1.1in diameter 0.16in thick. Can be stuck to device or be carried in handbag or pocket.

Is RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Shield Yourself and Your Loved Ones With The #1 Dr. Approved, Scientifically Proven EMR Protection Blocker Now. *100% Money Back Guarantee* For Use On All EMF Devices: WiFi, iPad, Kindle, Laptop...

as of May 12, 2023 12:55 pm


  • As Seen On TV with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington. Do you or your child carry your cell phone in your pocket, or hold your tablet on your lap? EMF is a huge hidden health concern. It is time to look at the facts and protect yourself.
  • Hedron's Scalar Protection and 4th Dimensional Shielding Technology Device is the answer.
  • Our Patent Pending Protection is the most tested and proven product of its kind in the world. Backed by 100s of studies using Russian Kirlian, Thermography, BP/Pulse, (and more) and promoted by practitioners all over the world.
  • TODAY, ADD 4 TO CART, and ONE OF THEM WILL BE FREE- Also, Free Bonus Report, Audio/Video, and 5 Year Warranty. Order Now - 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.
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