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Is RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Shield Yourself and Your Loved Ones With The #1 Dr. Approved, Scientifically Proven EMR Protection Blocker Now. *100% Money Back Guarantee* For Use On All EMF Devices: WiFi, iPad, Kindle, Laptop...

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  • As Seen On TV with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington. Do you or your child carry your cell phone in your pocket, or hold your tablet on your lap? EMF is a huge hidden health concern. It is time to look at the facts and protect yourself.
  • Hedron's Scalar Protection and 4th Dimensional Shielding Technology Device is the answer.
  • Our Patent Pending Protection is the most tested and proven product of its kind in the world. Backed by 100s of studies using Russian Kirlian, Thermography, BP/Pulse, (and more) and promoted by practitioners all over the world.
  • TODAY, ADD 4 TO CART, and ONE OF THEM WILL BE FREE- Also, Free Bonus Report, Audio/Video, and 5 Year Warranty. Order Now - 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.
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Best EMF Protection and Energy Field Enhancement Device - #1 Patented Premium Radiation Shield, Be Safe and Function Optimally Wherever You Are. Scientifically Proven - *100% Money Back Guarantee*

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  • FREE Bonus eBook, Report, and Audio/Video on EMF. Take advantage of our 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Don't go another day without optimal protection.
  • Aids Energy, Balance, and Power. Protection from: WiFi, Cell Towers, Electric Wires, Electrical Devices, Tablets, Computers, Grid Lines and more.
  • Patent Pending Earth Resonance (7.83Hz) Infusion, plus premium mineral Shungite for BioField enhancement. Protective range is 2-3 feet around the body depending on body size. Protect yourself 24/7.
  • You might not fully understand Scalar Energy until you try it. Strap it to a sore joint while exercising, sleep with it under your pillow...the proof is in the difference your body feels!
  • The Hedron Body Shield - Full EMF/EMR and Geopathic Stress Zone protection no matter where you are.

How To Use Your Hedron EMF Harmonizer (Hedron 5)

For more information, visit www.HedronLifeSource.com.

Important Info Re Your New Hedron Pendant for EMF Protection

Dr. Jerod Bergman talks about the New Hedron Pendant.

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Uncover The Hidden Truth Behind Cell Phone Radiation… And Learn How To Protect Yourself and Your Children. The Information That's Been Hidden From You. EMF/EMI Protection, click or dial 888-538-4446 for Patented Premium EMF and Radiation Protection you can count on. 100% Money Back Guarantee--As Seen On TV.

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In this modern world, knowingly or unknowingly we expose ourselves to invisible, yet very real hazards. We are hooked on our electricity and wireless technology. We now know there is a dark side.

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ServicesSee individual Site Pages for detailed information on each service modality listed below.Click here to watchVideo of Kari's ServicesKari offers holistic wellness services.

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