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HT Digital Gaussmeter with Peak Hold - Can Display Gauss or Tesla

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  • These magnets are ideal for the adult inventor, manufacturer, researcher, DIYer, problem solver, etc.

EMF Meters Combo Gauss Magnetic Field Meter and EMF RF Meter Detectors + Aluminium Carrying Case & Calibration Certificates

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  • Reliable meters for measuring EMF radiation from sources such as power lines, smart meters, cell towers, WiFi, etc
  • Combo Price of the Best Sellers LATNEX ® MG-300 and HF-B3G
  • Easy to operate and accurate measurements
  • Includes user manuals, aluminium case, calibration certificates, and 1 year warranty
  • Used for home inspection to detect EMF and RF high frequency radiation

Alpha UHS Gaussmeter Instructions: How to Measure Magnetic Fields Using the Alpha UHS Meter

Helpful instructions for the Alpha UHS Meter, by Michael R. Neuert, an EMF Test Engineer with over 23 years experience. Click the time links below to go directly ...

DIY Digital Gauss Meter

Looking for a Gaussmeter in a shop, I saw prices of more than hunderd Euro. There are just a few DIY magnetic field meter circuits on internet but of poor build. gauss meter

EMI Magnetic field gauss Meter detector MG-2000T Triple Axis Professional use Magnetic Interference from MRI Machines Industrial and Medical Equipment Power Lines Appliances EMF inspections

Gauss Master by Gen-El: Gauss Meter: ...

This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, & more! The easy to read scale, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency (50/60 Hz) magnetic fields.

EMF Meters (Gauss Meters) for Measuring AC Magnetic Fields

Best EMF Meters for sale! Huge Catalog of economical Magnetic Field Detectors, Gauss meters, Teslameters and Magnetometers. Best selection and price on gaussmeters.

Understanding Magnetic Gauss of Magnets and Magnetic Therapy

Fig. 1 shows a neodymium-iron-boron magnet. The manufacturer’s rating for this magnet is 12,500 gauss. The flux density on the surface of this magnet, measured using a gauss meter, is 985 gauss.