Emf Recorder

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

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  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Low- or no-light operation
  • Fully-adjustable audio tone
  • Flashing led lights
  • Signal-strength indicator

Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector Handheld Mini Digital LCD EMF Detector Dosimeter Tester Counter

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as of May 12, 2023 12:44 pm


  • ▲One EMF Meter with Two Uses - Testing the electric field and the magnetic field radiation at the same time.
  • ▲Measure Radiation - of TV, induction cooker, rice cooker, refrigerator, computer, for low-frequency home appliances, electrical wires, etc.
  • ▲Sound-light Alarm * When the test result exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically.
  • ▲Data Hold & Max Measurement - One-key lock the radiation value.
  • ▲Large & Clear LCD Display - of the values for easy reading.

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