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"Homemade EMF Detector For $10!" Listen & Record Electro-Magnetic Fields!

Learn how to build an EMF Meter that turns EMF into soud that you can hear and record. Its SUPER EASY, It's CHEAP at only $10 Bucks, and you can get the ...

How to measure Dirty Electricity ? Sony ICF-P26 versus Radioshack 1200586 radio - EMI DE RFI

A radio is a very useful tool to measure some of the Dirty Electricity in the home. If you have EHS (Elektro Magnetic Hypersensitivity) you need other meters (not ...

Meters to Detect EMF - RF, ELF, IF, Electric

Meters can be used for detecting invisible EMF from wireless devices, AC magnetic fields, and dirty electricity. The pros and cons of each meter are discussed below.

Recommended List of EMF Meters and Instruments

For those of you who would like to take your own measurements of EMFs in your home or office, I have put together the following list of recommended affordable EMF meters and instruments that will give you reliable readings of the various EMFs that we consider to be potentially harmful.

How To Make a (Poor Man's) Body Voltage Meter - EMF Wise

Learn how to make a body voltage meter out of materials from Radio Shack and Home Depot.

Which Test Meter is Best for Me? – Electromagnetic ...

To begin, there are three different kinds of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) you may need to test, and each requires a different test meter… Magnetic fields are the EMF component most often linked to serious health effects in the scientific research literature (for example, childhood leukemia from power lines).