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EMF Health Alert #1 Guide for Reducing Electro-Magnetic Pollution in Your Home for Better Sleep, Better Focus, and Better Health. (Wireless Awareness)

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TitleEMF Health Alert #1 Guide for Reducing Electro-Magnetic Pollution in Your Home for Better Sleep, Better Focus, and Better Health. (Wireless Awareness)

EMF RADIATION PROTECTION Shield Pendant Necklace for Cell Phone, Home, Electronics - Negative Ions + Anti EMF Technology - Made of Black Tourmaline to Block Device Radiation - Scalar Negative Ions

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  • ✅PROTECT IN STYLE - Our black tourmaline pendant protects the body's biofield from electronic radiation. It increases health, vitality, and overall wellness when worn or close by. A natural earthing solution that shields against radiation from all EMF devices.
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  • ✅POWERFUL PRECIOUS STONE - Black tourmaline is a scientifically proven classified precious stone that guards against radiation and environmental pollution. Wear on your neck or keep in your purse or pocket. To feel its benefits keep it always close by.
  • ✅IMPROVES OVERALL WELL-BEING - This natural stone from the earth provides powerful grounding and earthing benefits, which improves circulation and overall well being. Black tourmaline is electrical in nature and provides consistent beneficial energy.
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Reducing Wireless Radiation and EMF

This video shares a free and simple protocol for reducing wireless radiation and EMF. The protocol was pioneered by Dr. Toril Jelter and was discussed at the ...

Dangerously High EMF Readings on homes in St. Francis, Wisconsin.

St. Francis is a community south of Milwaukee. There are homes for sale where EMF levels are not being disclosed by either the appraisers or in this case the ...

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Electrical appliances produce toxic electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These fields can layer, one upon the other, creating a harmful level of radiation.

WHO | What are electromagnetic fields?

Electricity is transmitted over long distances via high voltage power lines. Transformers reduce these high voltages for local distribution to homes and businesses. Electricity transmission and distribution facilities and residential wiring and appliances account for the background level of power frequency electric and magnetic fields in the home.

EMF Protection In The Home – My Review

With the rapid adoption of wireless technologies in homes, dirty electricity is another EMF issue which adds into the mix. 9. High Voltage Electricity Pylons. Depending on the distance between your home and high voltage power lines, you could suffer a myriad of health problems from EMF radiation from these power lines.

Poor House Wiring Causes Strong Magnetic Fields | EM Watch

Poor House Wiring Causes Strong Magnetic Fields. When we think about EMF in the home, we don’t usually think in terms of house wiring, but in houses where EMF radiation is higher than usual, poor house wiring is often the cause.