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SYB Cotton Flannel Baby Blanket; EMF Anti-Radiation Protector for Your Baby (Navy Blue)

as of May 12, 2023 12:48 pm


  • POWERFUL PROTECTION: Protect your baby from up to 99% of harmful EMF / EMR radiation & pollution from devices like WiFi routers, baby monitors, cell phones, bluetooth & laptops. Our Baby Blanket uses universally-accepted, real science: each blanket is woven with a protective middle layer of microscopic silver fibers that form a shield to block radio frequency (RF) and microwave electromagnetic fields.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Super soft, luxurious, US-grown cotton flannel fabric. Incredibly comfortable against the skin with a stylish design. Each blanket is 40" x 32" (~102 cm x ~81 cm) & made with love in the USA. Hypoallergenic & non-toxic. Machine washable, tumble dry, do not bleach. Patent Pending.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use our anti radiation Baby Blanket for sleeping, in bed, in a crib, swaddling, playtime, as a car seat cover, stroller cover, nursing cover or cuddling. It's super easy to carry anywhere you go with your baby. Use it at home, the office or on the road. Also a great maternity shielding solution. Just wrap the Baby Blanket around your belly while you sit or work to shield your baby during pregnancy.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Our antiradiation Baby Blanket makes a great gift, and comes in attractive, sturdy, high-quality, durable giftable packaging.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Unlike lower quality competing antiradiation products, we confidently stand behind our products and guarantee your 100% satisfaction for life. If they don't trust their own products, why should you? Rest easy knowing your investment in our SYB Baby Blanket for your infant's health & safety is protected for life. Don't be fooled by EMF pendants, charms or neutralizers that claim to harmonize or neutralize EMF radiation without any scientific proof.

Faraday Bag, Wisdompro RFID Signal Blocking Bag Shielding Pouch Wallet Case for Cell Phone Privacy Protection and Car Key FOB (Black)

as of May 12, 2023 12:48 pm


  • Protects chip technology "smart-cards" from hackers' RFID readers in the range of 10 MHz - 3 GHz
  • Convenient and portable - inner silver layer blocks signals, outer Oxford cloth black layer can be used as a normal case - a modern and fashionable design
  • Block Cell Phone Signal - If you don't want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the silver layer pocket of the bag and close it, then the phone will be disconnected; this bag can also block Cell Phone GPS Signal to prevent tracking, protect your privacy
  • Block Car-key FOB Signal - Keep your car's security system from getting hacked
  • Compatible Size: 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" (19 x 8.9 cm) - Fits Car-key FOB, Smart Phones like Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone SE; Samsung Galaxy S7/S7Edge, Galaxy S6/6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 5, Note 4,Note 3; HTC One, One 2 (M8); Motorola Droid; LG Optimus and More (with or without slim case)

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