EMF Electro Magnetic Field Radiation Neutralizer Shield

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Cell Phone Radiation Shield – Anti-Radiation Shield Sticker for Cellular Phone Vortex BIO Shield BLACK Anti Radiation Tab for All Cell Phones and Small Tablets (Up to 7″)- Vortexbalance

Features: NEUTRALIZES CELLPHONE RADIATION: Smartphones today emit harmful EMFs that can affect our health. The Vortex BioShield protects anyone who uses your phone or tablet., UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Quickly and easily attaches to your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, computer, laptop and more, blocking harmful EMF waves. EASY TO USE: Stick it and forget it. Permanently attaches to the outside of the case and can be moved to different case using spare tape included in the package., HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Vortex BioShield is safe to use and protects your immune system from penetrating EMF radiation. The specialized combination of crystals and minerals delivers safe, all-natural grounding and balance., REDUCES HYPERSENSITIVITY: Many smartphone users actually have an acute sensitivity to EMF radiation and waves produced by cellphones today. Our product eliminates that nauseous, headache-inducing feeling entirely!, ALLEVIATES HEAT: Smartphones today are so powerful they have a tendency to heat up and burn the face. The Vortex BioShield better disperses the heat and protects your skin in the process.

The Rumors About Cell Phone Radiation Are Not Rumors Anymore

Extensive tests and scientific experiments have clearly shown that we actually HAVE to be worried about EMF radiation emitted from our electronic gadgets, especially since we often use them every minute of every hour of every day.

In fact, EMF Radiation has been linked to countless health issues from stress and difficulty going to sleep to infertility and even cancer.

And just think about how many people sleep withtheir phones on their nightstand, right next to their head. If you are one of those people, it’s time you stopped this madness and protected your body and head from the dangerous consequences of EMF radiation.

Thankfully, we’ve got exactly what you need!

Presenting The EMF protection cell phone radiation shield By Vortex BioShield

Compatible with almost every smartphone and 7-inch tablet, our EMF Protection has been through exhausting and extensive testing and it’sfinally here to effectively protect you.

Why Shield Your Phone With This Protective Measure?

Stops most of EMF Radiation

Made of crystals and minerals that block radiation

Negates the harmful effects of radiation on your immune system, brain function and anxiety levels

Does not ruin the style of your smartphone

Instantly Feel The Shielding Effects

As soon as you install the shield on your phone, you will immediately feel your natural energy field rising since the radiation that was damaging it will be gone.

After a while, you will notice your headaches, dizziness and stress going away and you might even experience better memory, less fatigue and better quality of sleep.

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

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Test results: https://www.emfprotectors.com/pages/test-results

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Cell Phone Radiation Protector-Shield – iPhone6 Crystal Bio Power Neutralizing device for EMF and Wi-Fi radiation. Special crystal mix creates energy vortex which resonates and boosts body ENERGY. Provides Natural Crystal Immunity to Wi-Fi, Guarantied protection. See user testimonials on youtube for VortexBioShield, Immediately effective – Right away NO HEATING ON THE CHEEK. Offers POSITIVE and PLEASANT effect on you. Works with all phones, VortexBioShield attaches to the phone case (recommended). No damage to the surface , attaches in seconds with double sided commercial strength tape, (spare tape included) .