Double Sided Lead Apron

X-Ray Shields - Main Table Drape Panel Barrier, 0.5mm Protection, 4-Panels, 24"W x 30"H, Regular Lead

as of May 31, 2023 5:14 pm


  • Mobile Barriers and Shields provide excellent full body protection from scatter radiation for all doctor, radiologic technologist and health care personnel in an imaging environment.
  • Colortrieve offers a wide variety of barriers and shields to meet all your radiation protection needs.
  • Usually Ships Within 18 - 20 Business Days
  • Manufactured in the US by Techno-Aide and Distributed by Colortrieve, a Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • NOTE: All returns of this item are subject to a 50% restocking fee. For questions regarding Colortrieve's return policy, please contact us.

Starkma Bandana Baby Bibs Cute Unisex for Boys 100% Cotton 10 Set

as of May 31, 2023 5:14 pm


  • 10 in a pack, come with 10 different colors along with a 7cm*7cm Xmas Card for you to send along if you purchase as a gift, and Bibs Size: 11''*11''*16' suitable :0-24months
  • Material: 40 combed cotton, double side 100% real cotton, double sided Pattern, can be use as baby scarf, saliva, towel and headband.
  • Safety: renewable coloring, Fluorescent agent tested (Optical brightener), do not contain any fluorescent agent
  • Because the fear of buckle is too general will scratch the baby soft skin, so the buckle into 10mm, so please 1. Evenly buttoned buttons 2. Finger near the edge of the buckle 3. Uniform force to unlock the finger Note: Tear force Will lead to broken buttons
  • Washing instruction: you will see light color losing when first wash, this is normal .please soak bark and light color separately the fist time of use with light salt water 20C degree water for 20 minutes, then gently hand wash. To province wrinkle, please air dry after wash.

Pano Radiograph Lead Apron Position

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Wardray Premise: X-ray Protective Clothing

Wardray protective clothing is a popular choice for health professionals. The Classic range, incorporating the conventional single piece Half Back Apron and Top & Kilt, has evolved after years of consultation with end users.

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Frequently Asked Questions: EMF Shielding

Frequently asked questions about electromagnetic shielding. 1- Diagnose with a meter. This step is the key to a successful mitigation.