Please donate to help us research and educate people about PVS and the relationship between the energy in technology and the biology of the body. Your donation will help with the expenses of operating our advocacy group dedicated to outreach programs that will instruct people in ways to reduce their technological addictions and recover their health after the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation from modern devices.

Our current goal to maintain our work and mandate reach growing and strong is a $400 per month donation threshold which is approximately 30% of our total budget. Beyond the $400 per month from generous supporters and activists we ourselves take on the bulk of funding and expenses for the operation of our network.

Your donation will help fund:

– Office rent & expenses, postage and phone service (we don’t need help with the electrical bills because we are off the grid)
– Creation and presentation of educational pamphlets and flyers
– Travel to sites where we can perform outreach to sufferers of VPS and other diseases of the digital age
– Purchase and testing of products relating to protection from EMF radiation and help with the cost of distributing reviews to various media