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CreamMaker Silicone - 16.8floz/500ml

as of May 12, 2023 12:53 pm


  • Cosmetic ingredient for making your own personal care products
  • High-quality ingredient from the USA
  • Supplied by MakingCosmetics Inc., a ISO certified & FDA registered ingredient supplier
  • Free shipping

Silicone Phone Case for iPhone 5c - Style 2 (Black)

as of May 12, 2023 12:53 pm


  • Ultra Slim Case
  • Design/Finish: Glossy, Printed all around the corners and edges!
  • Super Slim to protect with style and without bulk
  • We can provide custom phone cases with any design for you. If you want, please contact us!
  • Slim, snap on, tight fit

Low Cost DIY EMF Protection - Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding As wireless technology grows in popularity so does our exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation.

"Homemade EMF Detector For $10!" Listen & Record Electro-Magnetic Fields!

Learn how to build an EMF Meter that turns EMF into soud that you can hear and record. Its SUPER EASY, It's CHEAP at only $10 Bucks, and you can get the ...

DIY EMFEMR Measurements - No Radiation

Different Technics and ways to measure Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF EMR), DIY style!

Simple EMF Probe - Electronics DIY

There's something fascinating about electromagnetic fields. Thanks to the modern world and the prevalence of electronics and electricity, they're all around us these days.

EMF News | EMF News – EMF Information

No electronics in the bedroom: Any device closer than arm’s length can cause cancer, infertility, and other health concerns, health officials warn

Frequently Asked Questions: EMF Shielding

1- Diagnose with a meter. This step is the key to a successful mitigation. Even if you know you are bothered by a specific device (your wifi router for example), there will surely be other sources of EMF in your environment which are contributing to your exposure burden, and so raising your overall sensitivity.