Cell Phone Towers And Health

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California Warns About Cellphone Exposure And Health Risks Dec 16, 2017 @ 10:37 AM | Alice G. Walton , Contributor The connection between cell phone ...

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Article reporting on increased incidence of cancer for residents living near cell phone towers, according to a German and Israeli studies.

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Cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi, smart meters, DECT phones, cordless phones, baby monitors and other wireless devices all emit non ionizing radio frequencies, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has just classified as a potential carcinogen.


La Mesa Council holds hearing Nov. 5 on proposal to erect cell phone tower in Lake Murray area By Miriam Raftery When Mom asked me to look into possible health hazards posed by cell phone panel antennas that a church in her neighborhood wants to put up, I expected to find reassuring facts to allay Mom’s concerns.

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Some people have expressed concern that living, working, or going to school near a cell phone tower might increase the risk of cancer or other health problems.