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Do Cell Phones Really Cause Cancer?

Some people think that the radiation from phones and other electronic devices can give you cancer. Is there any truth to this, or is it just a huge misconception?

Neurosurgeon: "Cell Phone Causes Brain Tumor"

A World Health Organization panel of 31 scientists raised some concerns Tuesday when they reported that cell phones are "possibly carcinogenic" and may be ...

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk Fact Sheet - National Cancer ...

Cancer incidence data can also be analyzed over time to see if the rates of cancer changed in large populations during the time that cell phone use increased dramatically. These studies have not shown clear evidence of a relationship between cell phone use and cancer.

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? What You Need to Know

Do cell phones cause cancer? As with any type of science looking at this type of issue, it’s going to take decades to come to a definitive conclusion. Meanwhile, though, more and more studies are painting a picture suggesting that cell phone radiation is not completely safe and could very well be carcinogenic.

Cellular Phones - American Cancer Society

Cell phone use, even for more than 13 years, was not linked with an increased risk of brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, or cancer overall, nor was there a link with any brain tumor subtypes or with tumors in any location within the brain.

Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions

Federal scientists released partial findings Friday from a $25-million animal study that tested the possibility of links between cancer and chronic exposure to the type of radiation emitted from cell phones and wireless devices.