BodyWell Chip Proven to Reduce Negative Effects from Exposure to Cellphone Radiation

THE BODYWELL CHIP IS DESIGNED FOR CELLPHONE USERS OF ALL AGES AND USAGE STYLES: The dangers of cellphone radiation are under ongoing scientific investigation. For a long time, this non-ionized radiation was thought to be harmless. But over the last several years, doctors have been warning of possible risks. BodyWell helps by countering radiation absorption in the first place. The BodyWell Chip is a revolutionary new approach to reducing exposure to cell phone radiation. Place the chip anywhere on your phone to lower radiation exposure without interfering with your cellphone’s signal. Whether your cellphone has a full signal or is using maximum power to find one, your BodyWell Chip will provide the appropriate frequency to reduce radiation absorption. The BodyWell Chip is powered by the proprietary MobileTek technology, which is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to cellphone radiation. With the little black chip in place, a blend of frequencies is created that counters cellphone SAR radiation without affecting cell service. This is similar to the effect of noise-canceling headphones, which greatly reduce noise with a form of counter-noise, rendering the disruptive sound neutral. Keep a BodyWell Chip on your phone. An ounce of prevention today may save you and your loved ones from finding out the real dangers of cellphone radiation once it’s too late to undo them. BODYWELL AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Register your BodyWell Chip online, using the unique registration code printed inside your product brochure. Share your concerns about cellphone radiation on your Facebook page, blog, or Twitter, and include your unique BodyWell Affiliate code. Each and every time someone purchases a BodyWell Chip by your referral, you’ll earn 10% of the purchase price! Chip components made in Austria; assembled and packaged in the USA.