Blocking Emf In Your Home

Anti-radiation Bag Anti-tracking Pouch EMF Protection for Phone Anti-spying GPS RFID Signal Blocker Bag Handset Function Cell Phone Case and Others Privacy Protection and Car Key FOB

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  • ★ High Quality and Perfect Design - Not only signal shielding Bag, also can be used as a wallet at the same time. 7.7 x 3.8 x 0.4inch / 19.5x 9.5 x 1cm. Fits Car-key FOB and all smartphones within 5.8" screen.
  • ★ Multifunction Signal Blocking Pouch - Anti-radiation, anti-tracking, anti-spying, GPS RFID signal blocker, block car-key FOBS Signal. Protect your ID card and bank card information from theft. Can also according to the specific product size, used as a protect bag for electronic products such as GPS, vehicle traveling data recorder, mobile HDD.
  • ★ Convenient and Portable - Inside silver pocket blocks signals, outside black pocket can be used as a normal bag - a modern and fashionable design suit for various positions of people.
  • ★ Handset Function Bag - Prevent radiation from mobile phones damages the body, polite rebuff call to prevent nuisance calls, not phone calls interfere with the normal work schedule. where the security ban on cell phone use.
  • ★ Best Service and Fast Ship - 100% satisfaction guarentee, fulfilled by amazon, fast delivery. A good gift for yourself, your family and your friends.

Emf Protection Fabric - Big Size - 36.2 X 42.4 inches - Block Wifi - Conductive Fabric - Anti Radiation - RFID - EMF Shielding - Copper Nickel Fabric - Very Thin 0.03 inches

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  • CONDUCTIVE FABRIC to block and diminishing Wifi /Cell Phone and RF Signals - Absorb electromagnetic fields and waves as known as EMF, from devices and outlets. Excellent for absorbing radiation from smart meters and other EMF sources
  • VERY BIG 42.4 x 36.2 INCHES - Can be used as drapes and wall covering. Can be placed under the floor to block EMF from below. Can be laid under tile, parquet or laminate. Especially in multi-family houses, when Wifi radiation flows from all sides
  • AEROSPACE MATERIAL - Used for years to shield aircraft cabins. High performance NASAFES TM conductive fabric, made of 20% Copper/Nickel and 80% Polyester - Therefore it's washable at temperatures under 30 degrees
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE - Use it to make rfid blocking pouches for cell phones or ID Cards. Making anti-static cloth, shielding curtain, radiation protect mobile pack and other civil products. As an insert in the wallet or handbag to protect your credit cards from data theft.
  • FARADAY CAGE - Cut the fabric to the desired size and make rfid key fob blocking pouch to prevent signal relaying car theft. Particularly for keyless entry and keyless go systems. Cost - effective alternative to conventional RFID signal blocking bag/ anti theft faraday bags. DO YOU NEED A GROUNDING CORD? - We also offer a grounding cable so that the conductive fabric can be earthed. Just search for "nasafes grounding cord"

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