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Anti EMF Radiation Protection PENDANT,Far Infrared & Scalar Energy Volcanic Lava, Reverse Aging.Joint Pain.Blood Circulation

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  • SCALAR ENERGY EMF PROTECTION DEVICE:Volcanic stone contains aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium or potassium,volcanic stone can strengthen the body's natural defensive ability
  • NATURAL AND POWERFUL PROTECTION STONE:negative ions generator with Japanese volcanic stone and black tourmaline stone, energy healing for all EMF(electromagnetic field) radiation devices and environmental pollutants
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION PROTECTION SCREEN :scalar energy pendant can help you eliminate the destructive radiation of mobile phones, computers, WiFi,Kindle, Microwave, Induction Cooker and so on
  • STRESS RELIEVER AND CALMNESS INDUCER: This Orgone pendant resonates your energy field with the Earth's energy field, promotes blood circulation, improves sleep, and maintains the body's optimal balance
  • EMF NEUTRALIZER IMPROVES YOUR WELL-BEING:As long as this pendant on the body, you will slowly feel the protection, purification and elimination of negative thoughts, make you more active, healthy, confident

Qty 6 EMF Protection Cell Phone Anti Radiation Protector Shield - Fusion Excel Shield, The Best EMR Neutralizer - All Mobile Phones, iPad iPod, Macbook - 6 in a Ziplock

as of May 12, 2023 12:29 pm


  • PATENTED Proven Technology! This device provides shielding against EMF and EMR Radiation
  • SLENDER SIZE! Avoids having a big Neutralizer device stuck behind your smartphone / Wireless Phone
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 90 DAYS - Biological Effectiveness, Scientifically measured and proven
  • VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED LIFETIME -This EMR Compensator Shield does not degrade! No need to replace it yearly

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High anti-radiation performance Silver stretch fabric gives excellent radiofrequency and microwave shielding. Made of double thickness 2" wide 71% polyamide + 29% elastomer fiber. Ideal for cellphone shielding or any other activity when you need to shield your ears and forehead. Thin enough to fit under a hat or helmet. Durable and unwrinkleable, washable too (no bleach). Silver provides anti-bacterial properties and suppresses odor. Folds small for easy transport. Pretty Silver color.

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EMF radiation from WiFi, Smartphones and other electronics may cause mild to severe health, focus and emotional issues. Get Powerful Protection Wearing the Physics Based BioElectric Shield Get Powerful Protection Wearing the Physics Based BioElectric Shield

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Anti-Radiation Sleeve – 91 to 96% EMF reduction RadiArmor’s Anti-Radiation Sleeve offers effective EMF protection of 91-96%. Designed to fit most phones, including larger phones like Samsung S9+ and Pixel XL, this sleeve is lined with our anti-radiation material on one side (backside) only. This design ensures optimal EMF protection while maintaining normal cell phone reception.