This website is about understanding the causes and treatment for phantom vibration syndrome. The day, years ago, when I had to go online and do a search for the term “I feel my phone vibrate when it really doesn’t” is the day I knew something was wrong and also I wasn’t the only one. That was when I made the decision to understand this odd phenomenon of my phantom vibrations. As I researched, studied, discussed, and networked with professionals and psychologists around the world I began to feel as if I were like Neo suddenly spinning blindly behind a rabbit into the darkness of that very strange Matrix and I realized that this small twitching, tapping, burning sensation in my body was a message from my secret soul that was whispering a warning about this ubiquitous technology that had been embraced by everyone. I asked myself if we had indeed embraced this technology or if the technology had actually embraced us in the way a stainless steel hook holds a fish.

It was then that our group began and this website was born. If you wish to help please feel free to donate to assist us in stopping the vibrations from harming more people and educating people about the technology that is changing our physical essence through radiation and electromagnetism.

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