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Anti EMF Protection Shield - Personal EMF Blocker - Electromagnetic Radiation Neutralizer and Protector

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  • NO ANALOGS! Our EMF protector prevents any adverse impact of on your family's health which isn't visible immediately but starts to manifest gradually.
  • PATENT RU2151619: Employing advanced technological know-how, anti-radiation shield, made of a special alloy of gold, silver & copper, is an effective EMF blocker dangerous electromagnetic waves, emitted by cell towers, PC, Laptops, WiFi Routers, Microwaves, electrical appliances, etc.
  • IMPROVED WELL-BEING, RECOVERY & HEALING: Personal EMF neutralizer restores the natural human biofield, improves the immunity of the body, and helps obstruct the process of development of illnesses at their roots.
  • CREDIT CARD SIZE: Makes it easy to slip into your wallet or pocket and keep it with you all the time. The range of the device is 1.5 m. UNLIMITED EXPLOITATION PERIOD!
  • ORDER NOW! And you will be super impressed with this EMF protectionfor bringing positivity, ensuring your health in EMF intensive surroundings full of gadgets, emitting harmful waves.

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