3 Axis Emf Meter

Gauss 3 Axis EMF ELF Magnetic Field 2000mG Meter

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  • Range: 20/200/2000 mG , 2/20/200 µT
  • Sensor: Triple Axis (X, Y, Z)
  • Accuracy: 20mG ±(3.0% + 30 digits) at 50Hz/60Hz or 3.0µT ±(3.0% + 30 digits) at 50Hz/60Hz
  • Tri-Axis Gauss Meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) with extremely low frequency (ELF) of 30 ~ 2000 Hz
  • Given an approval from European Directives for health & safety standards (CE Marking)

TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

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  • Detects all three types of EMF pollution: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave
  • Peak Hold captures fast pulses, for measuring fast digital signals
  • AC magnetic measurements are 3-axis, allowing for quick readings, regardless of meter orientation
  • Audio Indicator emits sound that helps to pinpoint EMF sources
  • Adjustable backlight for use in low-light environments

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Triaxial - 3 Axis - EMF Detector - TETM-192 | Sper Scientific

Simply approach the source at any angle and the triple-axis meter automatically determines EMF (electro magnetic frequency) eliminating the need for additional calculations.

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EMF Meters (Gauss Meters) for Measuring AC Magnetic Fields

SINGLE AXIS DIGITAL AC GAUSSMETER / TESLAMETER. Rugged, Compact, & Lightweight Magnetic Field Meter. In our opinion, this is one of the best EMF meter values around.

UHS2 3-Axis AC Gaussmeter

This digital Gaussmeter is used to measure AC Magnetic Fields across 1 axis for source location or 3 axis simultaneously for total exposure measurements. The UHS2 measures frequencies between 13 Hz to 75 000 Hz (75kHz)